Ghost of the Lilac Room at the Landmark Inn

The Lilac Room at the Landmark Inn holds a significant place in the hotel's history and its reputation for paranormal activity. The room is often associated with ghostly encounters and strange phenomena reported by guests and staff. The Lilac Room supposedly houses the ghost of a woman who stands near the window, patiently waiting for the return of her late lover, who perished at sea.

"The Libriarian", as she is often referred as, is the ghost of a spinster librarian hotel guest from the 1930s who fell in love with a crewman from one of the local ships. They had planned to marry when he returned from one final voyage, but unfortunately, the ship was swallowed up in one of Lake Superior's deadly storms, taking his life along with the lives of the rest of the crew. The librarian never recovered from her grief, eventually taking her own life in the Lilac Room where she had often sat staring out at the expansive lake, waiting for her love to return.

Guests of the Lilac Room have often reported unexplained phenomenon including disembodied voices, strange sounds, flickering lights, cold spots, and the feeling of being watched. People have also reported to have seen the apparition of a young woman in the room or nearby corridors.

Hotel employees have their own tales of getting phone calls from the Lilac Room while it was vacant.

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