Little Lily of the Asylum

Details and the story vary a bit as is common with tales such as Lily's, but one thing is true. To this day some people claim to still see or feel her presence in the main building of the Asylum. The story says that Lily was the name given to a child born to a patient at the hospital in 1863. Her mother was allegedly a woman by the name of Gladys. Gladys was one of the many unfortunate casualties of the American Civil War. Legend says she was abandoned by her husband and had been abused in her home by a roaming and raiding band of soldiers who accosted her repeatedly. It is said that she went "mad" and was admitted to the Asylum where she found herself pregnant, abandoned and a ward of the state.

When the child was born, she was named Lily and the staff stepped in quickly to take her. The story relates that the poor child only lived a few hours.

Today, paranormal investigators flock from all over the world to visit Lily's room on the first floor of the hospital. They bring presents such as toys, stuffed animals and candy. Some claim the candy disappears and many have told me they have watched as a plastic ball rolls across the floor unaided and almost as if a child is playing with it. During a tour of this room, a guide played an audio clip said to be captured by someone spending the night in the Asylum of a child's voice saying "mommy".

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