The Ghost of Père Antoine

Perhaps the most famous ghost associated with the St. Louis Cathedral is that of Pere Antoine. Pere was a Spanish Capuchin Friar at the St. Louis Cathedral. He arrived in New Orleans in 1774 and was named Pastor. His generosity and kindness to the people of New Orleans made him very popular. He was well liked by all of New Orleans. His death, on January 19th, 1829 was met with a somber and mourning city. He was laid to rest inside the St. Louis Cathedral 3 days after his death.

Since his death in 1829, the ghost of Pere Antoine has been seen in St. Louis Cathedral by an untold number of people. His ghost is easily recognized, as there is a portrait of him inside the Cathedral. It seems as of the ghost fo Pere Antoine especially likes to show himself around the Holiday seasons. Commonly, the ghost of Pere Antoine is seen near the altar and on the balconies. Interestingly, the ghost of Pere Antoine has been seen in other areas of the city as well, especially the alley next to the Cathedral.

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