Two Tales: a Woman and a Priest

Legend has it, a young English woman named Kate stayed at Manresa Castle in the early 1920s to wait for her beloved to return from the sea. She could have been a relative of the lone caretaker left to watch after the Castle after Kate had left. Stories have said that disaster struck when her lover’s ship sunk, and it was feared that all on board had perished. Being overwhelmingly distraught, she jumped out of the window in room 306, not willing to live without him. However, it was later learned that he had actually survived and had been rescued up by a passing ship.

Another haunted tale of the castle is of a wayward student of the Jesuits who was in training to be a priest. He was accused of having scandalous visits with one of the nuns who lived in town. The scorn, punishment, and threat of expulsion that came when he was caught led him to become distressed and unhinged. Because of this, he was said to have hung himself in the attic above room 302. There is no record of this suicide, but if it did happen, it would have been something that would have possibly been kept quiet as it would be a very unsightly blemish on the reputation of the Jesuit College of Manresa Hall.

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