The Ghosts of Comet Lodge Cemetery

Before 1881, Comet Lodge Cemetery was a burial ground for the Duwamish people of Seattle. When the first white settlers came to Georgetown in June 1851, led by Luther Collins and his family, they buried their dead in the same area. Most of Seattle's earliest white residents are entombed at Comet Lodge, including the Maple family, who were some of the first to be buried.

Georgetown residents believe the City of Seattle made a mistake when it decided, in 1987, to gut parts of the cemetery for commercial and residential use.

Despite a statement from King County in 1954 that the portion of land the City of Seattle was interested in "includes the graves or remains of deceased persons buried therein," the City of Seattle went ahead in 1987 and bulldozed several grave sites along a strip of the cemetery before building homes atop the graveyard.

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