Comet Lodge Cemetery

Since it was established in 1881, the Comet Lodge cemetery site has been whittled away to less than half its original 5 acres. Records are sketchy but it's safe to say that some 5oo pioneers were buried here, atop unknown numbers of native Duwamish people. New burials ended in the 1930s. Since then, homes and streets were built on top of many of the plots as the neighborhood around the cemetery grew. Upkeep and ownership of the cemetery bounced between the city, civic groups, relatives of Comet Lodge residents, and nearby neighbors. For years, much of the property was allowed to deteriorate into brambles until the city agreed to simple grounds maintenance. Today, about 20 headstones remain although it is very doubtful they are in their original locations. The rest of the markers are long gone, stolen, broken, or simply returned to the earth. What's left of the Comet Lodge is a quiet block of green grass and large trees sheltering those who still rest there.


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