The Story of Muriel Trevenard

The story of the ghost of Muriel Trevenard started out as a fictional short story published in an 1899 issue of Pacific Monthly magazine written by Lischen M. Miller of Eugene, Oregon.

In this tale, Miller tells of a mysterious young woman left at a Newport hotel by her seafaring father who plans to pick her up in two weeks. She takes up with a group of tourists from the valley, who are camping nearby.

The group decides to explore the old Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Inside, they find a secret door leading to a shaft that apparently runs all the way down to the sea. A chill fog moves in and they decide to go, leaving the secret door open behind them.

As she is about to leave, Muriel realizes she has left her handkerchief in the lighthouse and goes back to get it. Shortly thereafter, screams are heard; the group races back to the house only to find the secret door closed and locked with no sign of Muriel except for a pool of warm blood.

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