Battery Point Lighthouse

Built in 1856, Battery Point Light has seen a lot throughout its years, including a major tsunami that destroyed much of Crescent City in 1964. The historic building sits just off-shore and can be reached by foot at low tide, though visitors should be cautious as it becomes its own tiny island when the tide is high.

The lighthouse is haunted at Battery Point, but no one seems to know exactly by who and why. There is believed to be at least one resident ghost which is playful.

A paranormal research group that investigated the Battery Point Lighthouse believes it is haunted not by one ghost, but by three: a child and two adult specters. Most of the paranormal activity being reported occurs during museum tours. Some guests have experienced being touched on their shoulders or sensing a presence. Caretakers report having their slippers moved at night while asleep, a rocking chair moving back and forth on its own, and sea boots trudging up the haunted lighthouse stairway as if the specter is still on duty. The last one happens especially during times of storms. Even cats at this lighthouse have acted strangely during times of ghostly activity.

Battery Point Lighthouse was named as Coastal Living's 7th most haunted lighthouse in the country.


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