Omni Mount Washington Resort

Construction of the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire began in 1900 and took two years of intensive labor to complete. The enormous hotel was designed to be a sanctuary for New England’s wealthiest and most well connected, and therefore, no expense was spared in making it the most luxurious and modern amenity-rich lodging in the region.

The Omni Mount Washington Resort was the pet project of Joseph Stickney - a wealthy businessman who had made his fortune in coal and railway investments - and his wife Carolyn. Unfortunately, Joseph barely lived to see the success of his creation, passing away just one year after its opening in 1903.

Carolyn saw to it that her late husband’s final project became a success, living at Omni Mount Washington until she later remarried, only to return to live out her final days in the same suite she and Joseph had shared. The suite, Room 314 - sometimes called the Princess Room - is still available to guests of the Omni Mount Washington Resort today, and you can spend the night in the very room where Carolyn and Joseph spent their final moments together, and apart.

Visit Omni Mount Washington Resort today, and you’ll be treading in the footsteps of three U.S. presidents, countless poets and artists, and historic figures like Thomas Edison. While some guests visit to witness a piece of history, and others to enjoy a timeless slice of luxury, some visitors to Omni Mount Washington Resort make the journey to witness for themselves the many strange phenomena reported by visitors and staff over the years.

Guests and hotel staff have reported witnessing shadowy figures descending stairways, entering the dining areas, moving through hallways, and even sitting in their rooms. Other reports include accounts of lights turning on and off of their own accord, tubs filling themselves with water, and the scent of perfume suddenly drifting through the air when no one is around. Some say that the Stickneys are still walking the halls of their hotel, and there have even been reports of Mrs. Stickney watching guests and staff from the balcony.


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