The Bell Witch Cave

Located within the property of the former Bell Farm near Adams Tennessee, the Bell Witch Cave is a nearly 500-foot cave tunneling underground. The cave is classified as a ‘karst’, which is formed by layers of limestone and other soluble rock that form around underground sinkholes and drainage systems. Karst caves, which occur naturally and form over time, are often pitted with holes and feature many crevices and fissures.

According to legend, the Bell Witch Cave is thus named for the malevolent and violent spirit that resides within its dark depths. The Bell Witch is thought to have taken up residence in the cave, using it as shelter and making the area her final home after having tangled with the Bell family, who lived on the property sometime in the early 1800s.

Other accounts of paranormal activity in and around the Bell Witch Cave include a strange tale of a child becoming stuck within the cave, only to be saved by the Witch, and many other visitors have reported hearing voices, seeing unusual creatures, or feeling uneasy near the cave. Despite harrowing tales of encounters with the Bell Witch, visitors are still able to tour the cave today. Now privately owned, the Bell Witch Cave is open for tours in summer and fall months.


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