The Brick

Self-dubbed “the oldest operating saloon” in Washington, John Buffo and Peter Giovanni opened a tavern in Roslyn, Washington in 1889. It was rebuilt in 1898 using 45,000 bricks and took the name "The Brick".

The Brick's back bar is 100 years old and originated in England. It was purchased in Portland, Oregon after following the European shipping lanes around Cape Horn. The unique 23' running water spittoon still operates today.

During prohibition The Brick featured access to one of the town’s numerous prohibition tunnels, helping distribute illegal booze to citizens, many of whom immigrated directly to the fledgling town of Roslyn in order to work in the area’s now-defunct coal mines. On the grounds of a nearby mountain resort, Suncadia – A Destination Hotel, a few of the old mines shafts still stand, stark as monuments, boarded over but accessible for visitors to peer down into the darkness and imagine a different time, when a gaping dark hole constituted a viable workplace.

The Brick Saloon is famous as the setting for TV series, "Northern Exposure".


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